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Inbound Marketing | Book Review: They Ask, You Answer | Ep. #17

February 18, 2019

Are you a truth hoarder, holding back the recipe for your secret sauce? If so, you could be missing out on the brave new world of inbound marketing as a way to attract more customers to your door.

In this episode Phil talks us through one of his favourite marketing books - They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan. For some people the term inbound marketing is deeply engrained in the modern marketing psyche, but for other it is a new and exciting concept filled with intrigue and promise.

- 'They Ask, You Answer' available in Hardback from Amazon.

Every organisation must answer to its customers, but rating and reviewing your competitors products, delivering unbiased side-by-side comparisons of your service versus theirs, and sending your customers away when they can be served better elsewhere, seems a sure fire to go out of business.

In this book this author challenges some of our deeply held beliefs about how a business should be run, and demonstrates how a brutally honesty approach can be a sure-fire way to increase brand loyalty and boost sales.

- More info on the author, Marcus Sheridan.

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