Supercharged Entrepreneur

Personal Brand | LIVE from Phil’s garden | Ep. #54

March 23, 2020

Deep in the midst of the global Corona virus outbreak, Phil shares his thoughts on how best to use your time - grab 30 minutes every day and build your personal brand.

Now we are all settling into life at home and our new daily rhythm starts to be more settled, some thoughts how to build your brand whilst working from home.

  • Step #1 - Focus on your mission
  • Step #2 - Become a subject matter expert
  • Step #3 - Write and publish your thoughts
  • Step #4 - Seek speaking/ podcast opportunities
  • Step #5 - Collaborate with other thought leaders.

Here are Phil's thoughts on the above process from some 'extraordinary time' he spent in hi garden reflecting on how to be as productive as possible during this difficult time.

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